Ever Tried These Cold Calling Tricks?

Business Woman Phone Case Finance Home SwiHave a strong message and a strong product or service you believe in.
If you don’t believe in the product you’re selling, DON’T sell it. If your message is weak, create a solid message based on details click here.Period! You cannot sell lies!!!
Go Right to the point.
When you put a call, you place a call to sell something. You know that, and the receiver of the call knows that. DO NOT TRY TO DISGUISE THE CALL AS SOMETHING ELSE. If the prospect asks you what you want to sell me; Answer: Mr. XXXXX I called you because I wish to sell you this. With this, you can do XXXXX and XXXXXX. It’s a fantastic product. Do you have 5 mins for me?
Be aware to whom you’re speaking.
If you’re talking to the secretary, your pitch will differ from the pitch you are going to use when you are speaking to the decision maker. You can find more information on how to establish communication with your potential by downloading my free PDF.
Use references if you have them. This will give you the 30 seconds you will need to attract the interest of your prospect. A super important instrument.
Never Lie
Great salespeople never lie, and those that lie are poor sales professionals. Aside from the fact that it is unethical, most of the time it’s going to blow on your face. So… Don’t lie.
INSIST LIKE HELL about the item or service that you sell if it is challenged. Do not accept derogative remarks about it. If you believe and are confident in your product, then you’re not going to take comments like that.
Be persistent
Your Success only is a reason for someone to listen to you. Most salespeople give up too easily, but don’t be like most salespeople, be persistent. You’re persistent because you believe that your product or service you are selling will add value to the prospect you are talking. But… Understand also when a NO is a NO and do not get rid of time on a prospect that is not going to become a client. Don’t be like these people. If the secretary informs you, you need to call the prospect back in 1 hour, call back in exactly one hour.
It’s the tone of your voice and your confidence that sells. Your assurance is the No 1 factor for success in sales, let alone on phone sales. Your confidence is more important than the characteristics of your product. You can’t fake your confidence up, that’s why great salespeople can’t sell every day because not every day can you have that extra… needed to be in a position to be confident and sound optimistic.

Hidden Threats to Driver Safety

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When you are running a business, you’ve got a whole host of obligations. Those obligations vary from profit obligations to shareholders all the way to smaller duties, like a promise made to a junior member of your team.

Above all else however, your first and primary obligation is always that of the safety of your employees. It comes above all else and is severely punished by the law if you fail to ensure effective care and protection to your staff.

In your own premises, ensuring safety is simple. After all, the dangers within a building are often predictable and easy to manage. But what about if your employees step beyond your premises and take to the road with your fleet vehicles?

The solution is fleet risk management, but what would be the hidden dangers to your Port Orange Wildlife Removal  company that fleet risk management can protect against? Let’s take a look.

Invalid/banned driving permits

It might seem like a slim risk, but there are a shocking number of drivers on the road which have had their license revoked, are driving with an expired license or have been disqualified from driving for a period. In actuality, 1 in 650 drivers who have had their license assessed are driving while disqualified and 1 in 300 have a revoked or dying licence. Additionally, 1 in 16 drivers have issues with their photocard.

Driving with any of these issues is prohibited and, should an accident occur, you will be held accountable for failing to check their credentials. It’s why fleet driving permit checking is utterly vital in a comprehensive risk management solution.

We are all guilty of poor driving habits, picked up over years of driving the streets. Those bad habits are harmful in our own vehicles, but in a fleet vehicle, it risks putting the entire business at risk if you don’t move to address them.

Whether it’s things like taking a corner too fast, failing to test wing mirrors, always driving over the speed limit, late braking or any other bad driving habit, anything can put you, your staff and the public’s safety in danger. It is why driver retraining is a legal necessity.

Other drivers

You can be as secure as possible on the road, but you simply can’t always predict what other drivers on the road will do. Either by inattention, inebriation or simply dangerous driving, many accidents which happen will not be your staff’s fault.

Fleet driver training, though, can teach your staff to pay closer attention to the warning signs and act accordingly. It’s another small way that training proves essential – especially if it saves a life.

Butchery Equipment: The Art of Using a Band Saw

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When you look at a group saw it can be quite an intimidating piece of butchery equipment, particularly to the general public. It is a large piece of equipment that stands tall, takes up quite a little space and has this lengthy saw that runs vertically and unimaginably fast. It takes skill to handle and use a band saw.

It is not smart to use a band saw if you don’t know how it works. A skilled butcher needs to train an apprentice first before they could use it confidently. There is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when using this butcher equipment. Most large butcheries will have a floor standing band saw like the Butcherquip Floor Standing Band Saw. Such a unit would be quite large weighing at 220 kilograms and very tall at 1.8 metres. It’s cast iron saw wheels and heavy duty scrapers on both wheels. The metallic guides support the blades as well as the tension scraper assemblies maintain the blade free of debris.

The young apprentice has to be taught the exact measurements of the band saw and have a fantastic sense of spatial awareness. The butcher must show the apprentice how the blade moves and the speed it moves it at. He has to be shown and understand the way the metal guides and cast iron saw wheels operate. The movement of the machine must be studied and respected. In the beginning, Lake Helen Wildlife Removal must approach the band saw with great care when placing a piece of meat onto the unit. Steadily, he must slide the meat through the blade.

Professional butchers have years of experience when it comes to using band saws so they have the ability to slice the meat quickly and effortlessly. They are well aware of the capability of the butchery equipment and they understand how dangerous it can be if they lose their sense of awareness while using it. When a butcher uses this system, they need to be one hundred percent focussed and not be distracted by anything at all. Safety must be practiced each time one of these machines is used.

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