Hidden Threats to Driver Safety

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When you are running a business, you’ve got a whole host of obligations. Those obligations vary from profit obligations to shareholders all the way to smaller duties, like a promise made to a junior member of your team.

Above all else however, your first and primary obligation is always that of the safety of your employees. It comes above all else and is severely punished by the law if you fail to ensure effective care and protection to your staff.

In your own premises, ensuring safety is simple. After all, the dangers within a building are often predictable and easy to manage. But what about if your employees step beyond your premises and take to the road with your fleet vehicles?

The solution is fleet risk management, but what would be the hidden dangers to your Port Orange Wildlife Removal  company that fleet risk management can protect against? Let’s take a look.

Invalid/banned driving permits

It might seem like a slim risk, but there are a shocking number of drivers on the road which have had their license revoked, are driving with an expired license or have been disqualified from driving for a period. In actuality, 1 in 650 drivers who have had their license assessed are driving while disqualified and 1 in 300 have a revoked or dying licence. Additionally, 1 in 16 drivers have issues with their photocard.

Driving with any of these issues is prohibited and, should an accident occur, you will be held accountable for failing to check their credentials. It’s why fleet driving permit checking is utterly vital in a comprehensive risk management solution.

We are all guilty of poor driving habits, picked up over years of driving the streets. Those bad habits are harmful in our own vehicles, but in a fleet vehicle, it risks putting the entire business at risk if you don’t move to address them.

Whether it’s things like taking a corner too fast, failing to test wing mirrors, always driving over the speed limit, late braking or any other bad driving habit, anything can put you, your staff and the public’s safety in danger. It is why driver retraining is a legal necessity.

Other drivers

You can be as secure as possible on the road, but you simply can’t always predict what other drivers on the road will do. Either by inattention, inebriation or simply dangerous driving, many accidents which happen will not be your staff’s fault.

Fleet driver training, though, can teach your staff to pay closer attention to the warning signs and act accordingly. It’s another small way that training proves essential – especially if it saves a life.

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